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A Puerto Rico Market place for vendors, hobbyist, and enthusiast.  A place where you can sell renewable energy products, makeup, cell phone accessories, shirts, etc…

PrimoBoriken is a community of like-minded entrepreneurs who wants to enlarge their market influence, while providing the best quality product at the most competitive price anywhere. We want to challenge the existing boundaries and create new ones by providing the best customer experience.
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I never thought I would be selling my product to the world! This is so awesome and I don't have pay a lot to do it either. Don't wait sign up today!
Janette Hidalgo Aviles
Makeup Vendor
I was having a hard time dealing with selling on social media, some people didn't take it too seriously; Until I found this market place.
I am now making money while I sleep.
John Wood
Solar and DIY Goods
I'm old school catalog seller, so I thought I was reaching many clients, until I started to get brand new clients from all over the world. The shipping platform is already setup. All I have to do is pack, print, and ship. Voila!!!
Christina Mendoza
Beauty and Skin Care Product
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Welcome to your Puerto Rico and the World Market Place!

Welcome to Primo Boriken Puerto Rico Market Place for Enthusiast, DIYs, Makers, Makeup ...

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